We are experienced developers, specializing in animation systems, character controls and online gameplay. Our objective is to create fantastic games in which challenging gameplay, online player interactions, and storytelling all contribute to an immersive emotional experience.


Paul Emile Boucher

Environment & FX Lead

With strong artistic and technical skills, Paul brings the game worlds to life.

Pierre Tarno

Creative Lead

Pierre works on the creative intentions of the game (and also on business/admin stuff)

Olivier Gaertner

Lead engineer

Olivier is the technical backbone of the company; he ensures everything runs smoothly on the tech side, and also does some AI gameplay programming on the side :)

Jordan Layani

Design lead

Jordan is both highly creative and analytical : he is able to design and maintain complex game systems.

Aurélien Topia

Programming lead

Like all great gameplay programmer, Aurélien thinks like a designer, and always delivers.

Michel Donzé

Art director

Michel defines the visual style of the game, working both in 2D and 3D.